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The main idea is the core thought of what you are expressing. The gist of the sentence, phrase, paragraph or statement. It is the focus of what you are trying to say.
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1. Carefully read the paragraph or paragraphs in question. Do not skim or try to skip parts, since the section you skip might be the main idea. 2. Create a list of questions to ask
I think the right answer to this might evolve over time, but to start, some of the most important goals for the project are: Become the best source for the answer to as many questions
The government should leave people alone.
The main idea was that the nation of Italy, which once ruled the world during the time of the Roman Empire, can do so again. The greatness of the past can come again.
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main idea
the most important or central thought of a paragraph or larger section of text, which tells the reader what the text is about: Find the main idea in each paragraph.
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The definition of a main idea is a sentence or generalization that tells what the paragraph is about. Main Ideas are generally found at the beginning of the paragraph ...
Examples of a main idea include finding the topic. The topic is usually informative in nature. The main idea may also be persuasive and try to entertain its readers ...
Gettysburg Address is a speech by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. The address is one of the greatest speeches in the history of the United States. The main idea ...
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