What Does Makaveli Mean?


Makaveli was Tupac Shakur's stage name. He thought he would be reincarnated after his death. Tupac's name probably originated from Italian politician, Niccolo Machiavelli.
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Makaveli was one of the stage names for the famous American rapper Tupar Amaru Shakur who was better known by his other stage name 2Pac. He is one of the best selling rap artists in the world.
Makaveli is a mix of words put together. The 1st to letters backwards spell am, skip to k, unscramble the aveli and it spells alive. And the the letter k come in. It means kuhh, kuhh means bro, or homie.
Makaveli is an urban word representing rapper Tupac Shakur. It was used to mean that Tupac would lead to wide spread passion for thug nation type of music. The name originally was from the Italian politician from 1469.
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