What Does Mange on a Dog Look like?


There are four different types of mange found that dogs can contract. The first is Demodectic Mange which causes dry skin, scratching, and hair loss. The second is Sarcoptic Mange which is commonly called scabies and causes discoloration, swollen skin, loss of hair, itching, and secretion of pus. The third is called Cheyletiella Mange which appears as white and dandruff-like flakes on a dog's skin. The last is called Ear Mange which shows up in the ear as sticky black matter that seeps from the dog's ear. You can find more information here: http://www.ehow.com/about_5563344_mange-dog-look-like.html
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What Does Mange on a Dog Look Like?
The four varieties of skin disease known as mange are caused by four different species of mites. Dogs experience pain and a high level of skin irritation when infected with any type of mange. At least one visit to the vet is required to treat any forms... More »
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