What Does Market Share Mean?


Market share is the percentage of sales of a particular market sold to or owned by a company in a given region out of the whole as a result of its success in marketing effectiveness product.
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market share
the specific percentage of total industry sales of a particular product achieved by a single company in a given period of time.
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Market share refers to a brand's share of the total sales of all the products within the product category in which the band competes. It is determined by dividing a brand's sales
Out of the total sales or unit volume for a particular industry or product, each business participating in that market has a proportion or "its slice of the pie. That slice is
1 Calculate your company's total revenue (also called total sales). The total revenue amount is stated at the top of any of the company's income statements. This amount is the total
Zynga has 221 million monthly players. EA / Playfish has 52 Million. Crowdstar & Playdom both have 39 million. LOLApps has 15 million. These figures aren't perfect, because
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Market share is the percentage of the total sales of a certain kind of product or service that are attributable to a particular company. It can be calculated by ...
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