What Does Mean in Text?


The term text means to send a text message from a mobile phone or the words of something written. It also refers to a passage from the Bible that is used as the subject of a sermon. The other meaning of text is the main body of a written work and also a book prepared for use in schools or colleges.
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This is a new thing in text messaging; it is way to communicate in as little amount of words as possible. Acronyms are a way to convey a sentence only using the beginning letters
1. TEXTING 101. Texting also called SMS is one of the most popular uses of mobile phones today. Simply put texting is sending a text message to a cell phone from either another cell
1. Iron the clothing item or piece of fabric you are working with. Set the iron to the appropriate temperature for the type of fabric you have. Cotton and other heavy fabrics require
1. Create a text layer in your GIMP image if you have not already by clicking the text tool in the toolbar and clicking and dragging on the canvas to create a text box. A text window
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The term texting means to send a text message to someone. The other meaning is to communicate by means of text message. Mobile phones and computer (emails) are ...
In texting, the term HMU means 'hit me up'. This means that the person wants to be contacted in the future. ...
The texting term 'LML' can mean several things such as: let me look, love my life, let's meet later. ...
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