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Medina is a city in western Saudi Arabia where Prophet Muhammad began his campaign to Establish Islam. The site of the tomb of Muhammad is located there and it’s the second most holy city of Islam. It is also the ancient quarter of many cities in northern Africa.
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the old Arab quarter of a North African city.
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Medina does not have a literal definition, it is a city that is located in Western Saudi. Mohammad's tomb is located there, and in Islam is known as the second most holy city.
From what I understand, the word Madina comes from the Arabic vocabulary and is the name of a city tied to their religion. Madina is also a name that is often used and means a holy female child.
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Medina is the city of Prophet. Medina is located in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia. This was the city that Muhammad fled when he was driven out of Mecca.
Medina, is a city in western Saudi Arabia. It lies on a fertile plain about 270 miles north of Mecca. Medina and Mecca are the holiest cities in Islam, the Muslim Religion, and only
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Medinas:1:a city in western Saudi Arabia; site of the tomb of Muhammad; the second most holy city
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