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The name Megan usually has two different meanings attached to it. The first meaning of this name comes from the Welsh name Marged, which is 'pearl'. The name Megan is also said to mean 'the strong one'. Either way, this name is a really nice one to give to a baby girl.
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a female given name.
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The name Megan is a feminine name that has Greek, Gaelic and Welsh origins. In Greek it means mighty, in Gaelic it means strong, while in Welsh it means able or pearl. Other forms of the name Megan include Meggy, Meggie, Meghan, Meagan, Meggy, Meg, Megs, and Megann.
Megan is an English girl name meaning 'Pearl'. The name is mostly used in Welsh and in English and is an abbreviated form of Grete. The name is believed to have originated from a pet form of Margaret.
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Gender: Female Origin: Greek Meaning: A Pearl. ...
The meaning of the name Megan is 'a pearl'. The name has Welsh and Greek origins and is associated with a girl's name. The name is also a form of the name Meggan ...
The name Megan is of Welsh origin, it means little pearl. It was the fifteenth most popular name in UK in 2008. ...
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