What Does MENT Mean?


Ment is a suffix that shows that which does a thing. It could also mean the result of an act or a process. It also shows a state or condition such aliment.
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suff. Action; process: appeasement. Result of an action or process: advancement. Means, instrument, or agent of an action or process: adornment. [Middle English, from Old French,
1. Determine the type of jewelry you would like to make. You can make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair jewelry, pins, lockets and ankle bracelets with Re-Ment miniatures.
To send illegal immigrants out of the country, either back to their homeland or somewhere else.
Mentes (in the Odyssey) is a captain of the Taphians. Athena assumed his form when she urged
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Ment can be defined as a suffix that is used to form nouns that express the means or results of an action. It can also mean the brand name for a hormone or a common ...
Merriam-Webster defines the suffix MENT as the result of a specific action, such as embankment, or the means or tool of a specific action, such as entertainment. ...
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