What Does Meridiem Mean?


Meridiem means 'mid-day'. This is a Latin word that is the accusative form of the word meridies and is commonly used as ante meridiem which means before noon. This term is used in denoting time.
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It means "midday" or "noon. It's a dissimulation of "medius + dies" where" "Medius" is an adjective put in the locative case meaning "
Ante meridiem is a latin phrase meaning before noon. Post meridiem is after noon. ChaCha for now!
Meridiem refers to the noon or midday.The highest point attained by the sun in his diurnal course.
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AM and PM signify the time of day, pre-noon and post-noon. These are short forms for Ante meridiem and Post Meridiem. Ante meridiem is a Latin phrase that means ...
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