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Milieu means someone's social environment. It also refers to the setting and ambience of a person. This is a word of French origin, and its thought that it was first used in 1854.
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[mil-yoo, meel-; French mee-lyœ]
surroundings, especially of a social or cultural nature: a snobbish milieu.
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Milieu therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses therapeutic communities. Milieu therapy is used to treat personality disorders and behavior problems in a group setting.
A milieu therapist provides treatment to patients in a community setting. Milieu therapy has been practiced since the 19th century and allows for patients to learn the valuable skills
A millieu is an environment or a setting.
Milieu means the setting or environment. Here are some sentences. He was not in his normal milieu in the meeting. The social milieu is improving. The company created a stimulating
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Milieu means the environmental condition. It also refers to surroundings, especially those of social nature. Milieu is a synonym to setting, background and sphere ...
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