What does MMS mean?


The most likely meaning of the acronym MMS is Multimedia Messaging Service. This telecommunications tech term is related to the acronym SMS, which stands for Short Message Service.

While the SMS function is limited to short messages consisting of text characters, MMS allows users to transmit multimedia content via smart phones and most cell phones. Alternative meanings for the acronym MMS include Minerals Management Service, Minimum Mean Square, Mission Modular Spacecraft and Modular Multiband Scanner. These acronyms pertain to fields ranging from astronomy to chemistry. However, with the advent of mobile and wireless communications, tech acronyms have become increasingly ubiquitous.

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MMS messages grew out of the SMS (Short Message Service) standard developed from the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) The GSM began to see a huge jump in the use of SMS
It stands for Multi-Media Message Service, so calling a picture message an mms is actually incorrect, but that's what everyone says, a more accurate way to say it would be, sending
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