What Does Mobb Deep Mean?


According to the Urban Dictionary, Mobb Deep is a rap group. It is also a phrase that means to travel about in a large group.
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stupid question. that question is similar to "why is Michael Jackson famous" well the answer is he raps. he brought RAP back to life. and he dissed tupac.
Mobb Deep is an American hip hop duo from Queens, New York, USA,that consists of Havoc and
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Mobb Deep is a hip hop duo from New York. The group consists of Havoc and Prodigy. They have sold millions of records and are one of the most influential < ...
Mobb Deep is a hip hop duo, comprised of two rappers, Havoc and Prodigy. They met when they were 14 in New York and started their music career in 1986. The group ...
Juvenile Hell, The Infamous, Hell on Earth, Murda Muzik, Infamy, Amerikaz Nightmare, Blood Money, & The Safe is Cracked. ...
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