What Does Moi Aussi Mean in French?


Moi Aussi is a French word which means 'me too.' It is used to show that one agrees with someone or another. When in use, such a word is pronounced according to English rules of phonology, and not French.
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Me too is a French equivalent of 'moi aussi'. The personal pronoun 'moi' means 'me'. The adverb 'aussi' means 'too, also'. Together, they're pronounced 'mwah oh-see'.
Hi! Apparently the translation is ' Me too'
The French to English translation for "moi aussi" is "Me, too!" "Aussi" can also translate to "also".
Hearing that every day and saying it to most of the shop owners, it means, ME ALSO, (but in a shop, I would say) Je ver anotre aussi SVP, I would like another of the same please.
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