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Monsoon means wind that tends to change its direction with changing seasons. The rainy season in southern Asia is caused by the south western monsoon winds as these winds are known to bring rain. These winds are named according to the direction from which they blow.
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The Monsoon comes around about the 1st June The Monsoon comes around about the 1st June
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Most people say it's 'officially' from July to October, but you can get very very rainy storms in the months on either side of that. It also varies on where you are - north, south
With so many deaths in Vietnam and flooding around the world due in part to monsoon season, I am getting a lot of reader emails. The most frequently asked question is - What is a
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the seasonal wind of the Indian Ocean and southern Asia, blowing from the southwest in summer and from the northeast in winter.
(in India and nearby lands) the season during which the southwest monsoon blows, commonly marked by heavy rains; rainy season.
any wind that changes directions with the seasons.
any persistent wind established between water and adjoining land.
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Monsoon is typically defined as a seasonal reversing wind accompanied by seasonal changes in precipitation. This really means high winds and lots of rain.
A monsoon is an intense seasonal tropical storm that caused an extended downpour of rain and widespread flooding. Usually areas that experience monsoons have a dry period of no rain, followed by a wet season of ridiculous amounts of rain and storming.
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