What Does MSN Messenger Look like?


MSN messenger is free instant messaging software that runs under Windows operating system. The main features of this program include the sharing of folders among online users, PC to PC calls as well as PC to phone calls, accessibility to some online games and applications and the possibility to receive offline messages.
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You can download MSN through the Windows Live website. Select 'download' on the right section of the homepage to begin the process. Save it to your PC and double click the file to
1. Make sure you are signed into MSN messenger. Double click the MSN messenger icon in the lower right-hand side of the screen. This will bring up your messenger buddy list. 2. Find
1 Get a free E-mail address preferably from Hotmail , by clicking Sign Up , and then Free . Fill out the form to create your E-mail Account. If you already have an email address and
1. Click the Start menu at the bottom of the screen. 2. Click "Control Panel. 3. Open "Add or Remove Programs. 4. Locate and select "MSN Messenger" from the program
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1. Launch the MSN Messenger software on your computer. 2. Log in with the account whose history you want to view. 3. Click "File" in the upper menu of ...
You must be have one of the best computers that is why ...
hey ☇log on MSN ☇tools ☇emoticons ☇click on SHOW ALL ☇then go to CUSTOM EMOTICONS ☇search for the emoticon you want to remove ...
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