What does the Spanish phrase "mucho gusto" mean?


"Mucho gusto," pronounced "Mooch-oh Goose-toe," means "much pleasure" or "pleased to meet you." It is one of the key phrases people first learn in Spanish regarding basic conversation and introducing themselves. The phrase is usually said after a person has responded to another person's initial greeting.

In addition to learning hte phrase "mucho gusto," first-time Spanish students need to know several other words and phrases to begin basic conversations. "Hola," rhymes with "Lola," and means "hello." The "h" in "hola" is silent. A person can add "me llamo" to introduce himself followed by his name. For instance, "Hola, me llamo Jesse." To ask someone else's name, a person says "¿Como te llamas?" This directly translates to "What is your name?" To ask the same question in a formal setting, a person says "¿Como se llama usted?"

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