What Does Multicellular Mean?


Multicellular means having many types of cells. Many organisms will typically have many different types of cells. Compartments typically make up the organisms.
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[muhl-tee-sel-yuh-ler, muhl-tahy-]
composed of several or many cells.
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Multicellular refers to consisting of multiple cells. The organisms that are made up of multiple cells are called multicellular organisms. Humans are the classical example of multicellular organisms. The opposite of multicellular is unicellular meaning comprising of one single cell.
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Multicellular literally means "many cells." The term is used to describe organisms consisting of more than one cell and having specialized cells that perform differentiated
multicellular means to have more than one cell. For example, we are multicellular, but on the other hand if something only has one cell, then it is considered unicellular.
Organisms may be characterized by cellular features as either prokaryotes or eukaryotes. Eukaryotes possess linear chromosomes, a membrane-bound nucleus and complex organelles. Prokaryotes
Multicellular:1:consisting of many
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A multicellular cell means having many cells. Generally, a cell is a structural and functional unit of all living organisms. An organism that has more than one ...
Every organism is composed of cells. Some organisms are unicellular which means they have a single cell and some are multicellular, which means they consist of ...
Paramecium is a unicellular organism. This means that they consist only of a single cell. They are often found in the shallow waters in Connecticut rivers. ...
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