What Does Mushi Mushi Mean in English?


Mushi Mushi is a Japanese word that means hello when said in greeting over the telephone. It also means dragon in Japanese which was a huge, scary or terrifying beast. The word is also used in many different contexts including denoting something that is cute, delicious or awesome.
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Can you please provide the language that mushi is in so we may translate it for you.
It's slang for vagina. Similar to "p*y" in english.
Gray mold is a disease caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea, which makes strawberries rot and become mushy. The mold is caused from wet weather during the growing season, and causes
noun The quality or condition of being affectedly or overly emotional: bathos, maudlinism, mawkishness, sentimentalism, sentimentality. Informal mush, schmaltz, schmaltziness, sloppiness
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