What does "nationality" mean?


The nationality of a person refers to the country in which he or she professes allegiance, with the country having some form of legal jurisdiction over that individual. Consequently, that person has a legal obligation to the laws of that state. It does not necessarily reflect the heritage of a person nor the country in which a person was born.

People can be born in a particular country, reside in a different country and have the latter country reflect their nationality. Simultaneously, a foreign national can reside in a different country and still profess allegiance to their former country. While nationality and citizenship are not overlapping, most citizens are, in fact, nationals, and nationals are citizens.

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the status of belonging to a particular nation, whether by birth or naturalization: the nationality of an immigrant.
the relationship of property, holdings, etc., to a particular nation, or to one or more of its members: the nationality of a ship.
existence as a distinct nation; national independence: a small colony that has just achieved nationality.
a nation or people: the nationalities of the Americas.
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