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The word nebula has its origin in Latin. The Latin word was adapted by Middle English as nebule which means cloud or mist. A nebula is a mass of dust and gas. It could also consist of only dust of gas.
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A nebula is a cloud of gas and dust. This is believed to be the beginning of the formation of stars. But it can also be the remains of dead or dying stars that is left behind.
Nebula means "Cloud" in Latin. A nebula is an interstellar cloud of hydrogen, helium, plasma and dust. They are often called "stellar nurseries" because stars
1. Surround a star with dust positioned so that it reflects the light of the star. This is called a reflection nebula. The nebula that surrounds the stars of the Pleiades in the constellation
1 Use a star-map to locate the Orion Nebula. Ad 2 Pull out a telescope, and begin to locate the nebula. 3
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Nebulae is the plural word for nebula which has different meaning in different fields. In astronomy, it refers to a diffuse mass of interstellar gas or dust or ...
There are many cool facts about Nebulas. The top 3 facts are the are a mixure of gases, dust, helium and hydrogen, Nebula means cloud and sometimes stars are born ...
Nebular comes from the word nebulae or nebulas. It means anything related to nebulae. Nebulae in astronomy refer to a mass of gas and dust that together form clouds ...
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