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The word nee means literally to be born or sired. However, it is used to indicate the maiden or family name of a married woman especially in the English society. A good example would be the wife of the former USA president Bill Clinton called Hillary Clinton nee Rodham.
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born (placed after the name of a married woman to introduce her maiden name): Madame de Staël, nee Necker.
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The word nee means the last name that is given to a female child at her birth. In essence, as the female matures into a woman and marries, the word nee would refer to her maiden name
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Nee, followed by the maiden or family name of the married woman being referenced, is usually written after her married name. Example: "Hillary Clinton, née Rodham"
n. , pl. , Pawnee , or -nees . A Native American people formerly inhabiting the Platte River valley in south-central Nebraska and northern Kansas, with a present-day population in
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