What Does Negligence Mean?


Negligence is the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern. Negligence is also the failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances.
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1. File a claim with the insurance company covering the alleged negligent person or company. To start this process, you will need to notify the party that you believe you have experienced
Being in the state of inertia for a long period of time
noun Contemptible unimportance: inconsiderableness, negligibleness, paltriness, pettiness, smallness, triviality, trivialness. See important/unimportant.
Negligence:1:failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the
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the quality, fact, or result of being negligent; neglect: negligence in discharging one's responsibilities.
an instance of being negligent: a downfall brought about by many negligences.
Law. the failure to exercise that degree of care that, in the circumstances, the law requires for the protection of other persons or those interests of other persons that may be injuriously affected by the want of such care.
Law. pertaining to or involving a civil action for compensation for damages filed by a person who claims to have suffered an injury or loss in an accident caused by another's negligence: a negligence suit; a large negligence award.
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