What Does NVM Mean in a Chat Room?


NMV is an acronym used in the chat that means 'never mind' or sometimes 'not very much'. Although the widely known meaning of the abbreviation is never mind. You should look at the context in which the acronym has been used so as to obtain the real meaning.
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1. Protect your personal information. Never give out your phone number, address, real name, or other identifying information when chatting in a chat room. 2. Choose a screen name
1 Watch the disposition of others approaching you or start a conversation . If they start asking personal or private questions about you, like where you live or if you are home alone
1. Investigate a variety of chat rooms. Look at the chat areas provided by your online service or ISP, but also search for interesting Web sites that host chat sessions. 2. Choose
1. Read the chat rules before entering the room. Almost all chat rooms have rules and regulations, and they are necessary to stay safe while chatting. View the rules carefully, and
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