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Ole is an interjection used as a shout of approval, triumph, or encouragement. It is a suffix found in frenches loanwords of Latin origin, usually diminutives, and later in adaptations of words borrowed directly from Latin or in Neo-Latin coinages: areole; centriole; vacuole.
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(used as a shout of approval, triumph, or encouragement).
a cry of “olé.”
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Ole is a Spanish cry or exclamation for approval that is often used in bull fighting. Bull fighting is a traditional sport of Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Colombia ...
In Spanish, the word ole, is used a lot, especially in the sport of bull fighting. This word is used as a cry or exclamation of approval or encouragement. ...
The name Ole, which is of Norse origin, means 'ancestor' or 'ancestor's relic'. It is commonly used as a boy name or male name and it is a variant form of the ...
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