What Does Omnivore Mean?


Omnivore means that both meat and plants are eaten by an animal. An omnivore has a diet consisting of most food groups, eating almost anything that provides them the nutrition needed to survive.
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Deer are typically herbivores, consuming only vegetation. Herbivores are organisms that feed on vegetation as their source of nutrition. Common examples of food sources include flowers
an animal that eats both plants and animals.
noun The quality or condition of being voracious: avidity, edacity, rapaciousness, rapacity, ravenousness, voracity. See desire.
Eat meat once a week, fish once a week, not more. Prefer meat from free range animals [1]. Don't eat fish species known to be overfished or fished in ways hazardous to the ecosystem
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[om-nuh-vawr, -vohr]
someone or something that is omnivorous.
an omnivorous animal.
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Turkeys are omnivores, which means they eat plants like herbivores and animals like carnivores. To be more specific, the plant or plant materials they eat are ...
The prefix OMNI means everything or all. It is derived from Latin. The word omnivorous means an animal that eats all kinds of fruit, insects, meat or nectar. ...
Humans are what is called an Omnivore. Basically, that means we eat everything. We will eat plants and animals both. We will even eat other omnivores, carnivores ...
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