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Opal colour comes from its unusual structure and how white light is affected by it to break into its spectral colours. In the 1960s Australian scientists, using technology not previously available, discovered that opal is composed of sub microscopic spheres which are responsible for the magic play of colour. Because of this arrangement of spheres opal is the only gemstone with the natural ability to diffract light. Naturally, the base colour whether it is white, black or non existent will play a role in what an opal looks like and the colours that we see. Even when a crystal opal is set on a gold or silver plate in a pendant it will show some of the metal's colour so there are a lot of factors which promote different colours after the stone has been taken out of the ground.
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An opal usually looks colorless or white. It can be shades of light milky blue or even red. There are a precious few that have a colored rainbow look to them also.
Opal is a mineral that looks like a rainbow. It is a precious stone that comes in different colors and it is sometimes referred to by the color. Some types of opal include milk, white, boulder and dark or black. You can find more information here: www.gemstone.org
Opals are a beautiful, colorful stone; I love them! An opal is typically a milky white color with pastel colored sprinkles throughout. The colored bits shine when light hits them giving the stone and almost rainbow effect.
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