What Does Opp Stand for?


OPP has different meanings it stands for a 1991 song recorded by rap group Naughty by Nature. The song made it to the U.S. Top Ten. It also stands for Ontario Provincial Police or Office of Planning and Programming.
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OPP stands for many things, including Other People's Property (from a song by Naughty by Nature), or Ontario Provincial Police.
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If you're talking in reference to the song, Naughty by Nature. I can only tell you the first two letters. "O" means "Other", P means "People's", and
Usually opposite or Other People's Property. There are also 17 other results. See web
Office of Polar Programs (National Science Foundation)
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The clean version is means 'other people's property'. It means that someone is willing to cheat. You can find more fun facts here: . ...
You are obviously referring to the popular nineties rap song by Naughty By Nature. The "OPP" part stands for "Other People's Property." You ...
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