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An outlier is feature that is located far from the main or related body. A person whose place of business is far from where he resides is an outlier. In statistics, it is the observation that lies outside the pattern of a distribution.
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A set of data may include scores that are extremely different from the rest of the group causing suspicion; scores that are remarkably different from the majority are called outliers
1. Inspect the outlier to be sure that it fits qualitatively with the rest of the data. For example, if you ask 20 people to measure the width of a dime, but one of them actually
1. Compute the mean using all the data points, including suspected outliers. Ad. 2. Compute the standard deviation using. 3. For each data point, x. i. compute, in a separate column
An outlier in math is a value far from most others in a set of data. Therefore 2.3 would be the
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something that lies outside the main body or group that it is a part of, as a cow far from the rest of the herd, or a distant island belonging to a cluster of islands: The mail, along with eagerly awaited “special orders,” was delivered to the outliers weekly, thanks to Cap'n George and his trusty steamboat.
someone who stands apart from others of his or her group, as by differing actions, beliefs, religious practices, etc.: an outlier among Muslims; an outlier among conservatives.
Geology a part of a formation left detached through the removal of surrounding parts by erosion.
Obsolete a person residing outside the place of his or her business, duty, etc.
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An outlier in mathematics is a value in any set of numbers that is further in distance from the majority of all other points on a scatterplot. An outlier is easily visible through a scatterplot.
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Outliers are so powerful that they have the ability to greatly affect the entire set of data. If the outlier is high or low, it causes the mean to be high or low ...
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