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OVA stands for Original Video Animation. It is a term used in Japan for anime titles that are released straight to the market to retail sale, bypassing cable, broadcast and theatrical releases. Initially, the titles were available on the VHS, but later became available on other media like Laserdisc and DVD.
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plural of ovum
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Well, ova is an egg but if we're talking technology, it means "original video animation". This usually is videa that went straight to video and was never on tv.
1. Find out if you are eligible to donate your ova. Not all women can, and there is usually a strict criteria to ensure the best chance of success, as well as the safety and well
Ova (noun) is the plural form of ovum (noun) the female reproductive cell or gamete of
The ova is made in the vary :
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OVA is an abbreviation for Original Video Animation. It is also occasionally switched to OAV when translated to English. OVA titles are primarily produced in the ...
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