What Does Pal Mean in Video Terms?


Pal in Video terms means Phase Alternating Line a type of video system used in many countries outside of the U.S. It allows one to watch a video on the VCR ones it has sent an electronic signal to the television. The signal is based upon the alternating current power frequency in the country where one is viewing the tape.
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What Does PAL Mean in Video Terms?
The PAL video format is an analog color television standard. It's most often compared to NTSC, another television standard. PAL was adopted in 1967, while NTSC was adopted in 1953. These standards only apply to video players that are connected to TV... More »
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PAL stands for Phase Alternating Line. Its format has 625 lines of resolution at 50 half-frames per second. NTSC stands for National Television System Committee. Its format has 525
The term PAL stands for Police Athletic League. This league involves youths and police officers and there is generally a PAL in every major city in the US.
The earliest use of the term that I know of is in Douglas Rushkoff's book, Media Virus! Hidden agendas in popular culture (1996) . http://www.amazon.com/Media-Viru... Embed
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