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The word passive is an adjective referring to being inactive or state of inactivity. An example is a 'passive trustee' means one who has no responsibilities other than to hold title.
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The passivation process begins with completely removing any foreign substance, such as grease and shop debris from the freshly machined steel surface. Wiping and grinding or using
Passive means, not active. It has a number of applications - in grammar a verb can be passive, in electronics, components such as resistors, capacitors or inductors are passive (transistors
Dealing with passive aggressive behavior is not only frustrating, but it can result in long-simmering problems between two people. If your partner resorts to passive aggressive behavior
1. Know the difference between passive and active voice. Passive voice transpires when you place the object where the subject of the sentence usually goes. For example, a passive
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not reacting visibly to something that might be expected to produce manifestations of an emotion or feeling.
not participating readily or actively; inactive: a passive member of a committee.
not involving visible reaction or active participation: to play a passive role.
inert or quiescent.
influenced, acted upon, or affected by some external force, cause, or agency; being the object of action rather than causing action (active).
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Passive listening means that you are not really absorbing what is being said. Active listening means that you are really retaining what the person is saying to ...
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