What Does PBS Stand for?


PBS stands for phosphate buffer solution which is a solution that contains a phosphate buffer. It could also be used to mean Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme, Public Broadcasting Service or Public Broadcasting System.
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PBS stands for Public Broadcasting Service.
PB is an abbreviation that may be used to stand for a number of things. It may be the chemical symbol which stands for 'lead'. It is also widely used to stand for 'posted by.'
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PBS stands for Public Broadcasting System. They are best known for giving us classic children's shows like Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and the Electric Company.
public broadcasting station.
PBS stand for Public Broadcast System. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (Australia)
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PBS stands for Public Broadcasting Station. There are many things that can be found on this programming. There are programs for children, adults, family, teachers ...
PBS is a word that stands for Public Broadcasting Service which means a broadcasting television network that is found in America. It also refers to phosphate Buffer ...
Pb is the symbol for lead because it stands for a Latin name 'plumbum,' meaning lead. Lead, with atomic number 82, has been used since the ancient times and it ...
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