What does "perimeter" mean?


The perimeter is defined as the distance around the outside edge of a two-dimensional shape. The perimeter of a circle or an ellipse is referred to as the circumference.

The word perimeter comes from the Greek word "peri," which means "around," and the Greek word "meter," which means "measure." The perimeter can also be easily defined as the outline of an object. The perimeter is important in a variety of applications, including finding out how much fence is needed for a yard or pasture. The perimeter can also be used to describe how far a wheel will roll in one revolution.

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the border or outer boundary of a two-dimensional figure.
the length of such a boundary.
a line bounding or marking off an area.
the outermost limits.
Military a fortified boundary that protects a troop position.
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The average basketball court has a perimeter of 268 feet. The court also measures at 84 feet by 50 feet. This means that 19.7 laps around a basketball court is ...
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