What Does Perpendicular Mean?


a straight line at right angles to another line
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vertical; straight up and down; upright.
Geometry meeting a given line or surface at right angles.
maintaining a standing or upright position; standing up.
having a sharp pitch or slope; steep.
(initial capital letter) noting or pertaining to the last style of English Gothic architecture, prevailing from the late 14th through the early 16th century and characterized by the use of predominantly vertical tracery, an overall linear, shallow effect, and fine intricate stonework.
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Perpendicular is a term often used in mathematics. When something is perpendicular to something else, it means that it is standing straight up from it and that there is a 90 degree angle on each side.
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A perpendicular line is a line that makes a 90 degree angle with a line that it intersects. A square object has four perpendicular lines.
1. Insert the correct size drill bit in the power drill's chuck. Tighten the chuck by hand or use a chuck key. 2. Hold the drill and bit at a perpendicular angle to the material surface
perpendicular is a line drawn at an angle 90 to other given line.
1 Place a mirror next to where you spend the most time sitting. Set it so that you can see yourself in profile. Ignore the mirror for a day or so, or at least be aware of if your
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Perpendicular is mostly used to describe shapes and their properties. It means when two lines meet up in a right angle. It might be a T or an X when you look at ...
Perpendicular lines are lines that intersect, and the angles where the lines intersect are 90 degrees each. Angles that are 90 degrees are called right angles ...
The meaning of perpendicular is something that forms right angles that are exactly the same size. Planes can be perpendicular, as can lines. Roads can be perpendicular ...
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