What Does Personification Mean?


Personification is attributing human characteristics to inanimate objects, abstract ideas and animals. It can also be defined as the act of representing an abstract idea as a person. For instance you can say; the stars danced playfully in the sky.
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Personification is the act of giving inanimate objects or abstract concepts human-like characteristics in speech or writing.
Personification is a type of metaphor, as it is used to spice up writing and make it more interesting to read. Personification refers to giving inanimate objects, abstract objects or actions, human characteristics. An example of personification is 'time got away from me' and this can be said when one looks at the clock and realised that time is not on their side.
Personification is done by artists such as poets, musicians or writers. It is a figure, such as of speech, in which an object is known to be inanimate given human qualities or abilities. It may also refer to a figure that is intended to represent an abstract quality.
Endowment of abstract concepts with animate or may be living powers.
In poetry, personification is a figure of speech whereby inanimate objects or abstractions are given human characteristics. It is the attribution of personality to an impersonal thing.
Personification is a metaphor in which a thing or abstraction is represented as a person.
Personification refers to the act of embodying a certain idea. In literature, the term refers to a figure speech in which an inanimate or non living object or concept is given human attributes or abilities.
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