What Does PHD Stand for?


PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy involves the conduct of supervised research at the leading edge of the educational field and is written up as a substantial thesis.
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A Ph.D. degree signifies the recipient is completely knowledgeable about his field of study. More importantly, it shows he is able to conduct independent research and expand the field's
It means doctor of philosophy. It's the most common denomination for a research doctorate and applies to graduates in a wide range of disciplines in the sciences and humanities. GCYVsegiortdhtjh
PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. It is latin, Philosophiæ Doctor, meaning teacher of
PHD stands for Philosophiae Doctor (Doctor of Philosophy) It can also stand for Portable Hard Drive, Post Hole Digger and Permanent Head Damage. report this answer. Updated on Monday
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What does PhD stand for?
Doctor of Psychology
Doctor of Pharmacy
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philology
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Ph.D is the abbreviation for Doctor of Philosophy. It is an advanced academic degree awarded by Universities. It has become a requirement for a higher level teaching career or researching career. Other abbreviations are DPhil or Dr.Phil.
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