What Does Philosophical Mean?


Philosophical means of or relating to philosophy or philosophers; it is the adjective form of philosophy about the rational investigation of the principles and truths of being. It means the search for knowledge and wisdom.
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of or relating to philosophy: philosophical studies.
versed in or occupied with philosophy.
proper to or befitting a philosopher.
rationally or sensibly calm, patient, or composed.
Rare. of or relating to natural philosophy or physical science.
Source: Dictionary.com
Philosophical means to remain calm, patient and logical in situations particularly of difficulty or duress. Philosophical was derived from the word, philosophy, which originated in the early 1300's. Philosophy is the study of basic principles with a particular view of improving them. A philosophical person strives to improve his or her own views on society and of those around them, therefore remaining extremely rational and calm in stressful situations. One who is a philosophical thinker will use extreme logic and sensibility when making difficult decisions and will be sure to use this same tactic when entering conversational debates with other individuals.
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