What Does Photodegradable Mean?


Photodegradable is the process where ultraviolet radiation degrades the chemical bond or link in the polymer or chemical structure of a plastic. Photodegradable plastics have a sun-sensitive component added that triggers a physical disintegration when exposed to sunlight. However, once an item is buried in a landfill, there is very little, if any, degradation due a lack of sunlight.
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(of a substance) capable of being broken down by light.
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( ¦fōd·ō′deg·rə′dā·shən ) (organic chemistry) Chemical changes resulting from the absorption of light that reduce
Photodegradable is a process in which ultraviolet rays attack the
Photosensitive materials have their chemistry changed by light. The most energetic light is that pesky short wavelength ultraviolet or UV light. It tends to take weak covalent bonds
Photodegradation. Definitions. Photodegradation - "Decomposition of a compound by radiant energy. - Parker, 1994. Photodegradation - "The photochemical transformation of
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