What Does Platinum Blonde Look like?


Platinum Blonde is one of the lightest possible shades of blonde there is. The color can be a very pale blond to a reddish strawberry blond or golden brown shade of blonde. Platinum blonde hair color will usually turn your hair almost white depending on the natural color of your hair.
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Platinum blonde can have an almost supernatural glow. This colour combined with a long layered cut that is wavy, wispy and fringy results in results in an almost angelic look. This style is very suitable also for thinner hair as the light waves and the cut bring much fullness to it.
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Platinum blond is one of the lightest shades of hair. Your best bet is to use a muted pink blush. A good rule of thumb for people with very light blond hair and cool skin tone is
Platinum in its polished state is typically very shiny or lustrous. It looks similar to silver, but is much more expensive. In its raw form, platinum is darker in color and is unrecognizable
It is said that it depends what kind of face you have, either
1 Put on gloves . 2 Mix 2 ounces of 30 or 40 voulme pure white developer with 2 ounces of Loreal Quick Blue Powdered Bleach depending on length of hair to a creamy thick mixture 3
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