What Does Playing Devil's Advocate Mean?


Playing devil's advocate means to pretend to be against an idea or plan which a lot of people support in order to make people discuss it in more detail and think about it more carefully.
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1. Get into a conversation. with someone. It can be anyone; friend, foe, random person, but make sure they at least know who you are so they don't think you're some weirdo trying
The term "devil's advocate" sounds like it is referring to something religious, but in normal everyday use it really has no religious connotations at all. It applies to
Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, Charlize Theron, Jeffrey Jones, Connie Nielsen, and Craig T. Nelson were all in the 1997 movie "The Devil's Advocate."
Playing the devil's advocate means to take the opposing view point in an argument or discussion regardless of your true opinion. Ex: You make the argument that regular whole milk
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The phrase 'playing the devil's advocate' means taking a position one does not necessarily agree with just for the sake of argument
This comes from a position in the Roman Catholic Church called Devil's Advocate, whose job is to argue against the potential canonization of candidates for sainthood, in contrast to the God's Advocate, who argued for the candidates.
Playing the devil's advocate in a situation means going contrary to people's popular opinion to get them to discuss and come up with the best choice. The role is important to help determine the validity of a proposition.
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