What Does PNC Stand for in PNC Bank?


PNC stands for Pittsburgh National Corporation. It also stands for Police nationwide Computer and Peace Neighbourhood Centre.
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PNC is a famous rapper from New Zealand. His real name is Sam Hansen. PNC stands for Palmerston North City. PNC's latest album was released in June 2009.
It stand for pittsburgh national corporation
PNC is the Pittsburgh National Corporation.
Policia Nacional Civil (Spanish: National Civil Police; Guatemala; est. 1997)
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PNC is an acronym that has numerous meanings when in full and has many meanings that differ according to the field in which one is used. PNC could mean Preservation ...
PNC banks was founded in 1852 as Pittsburgh Trust and Savings. A couple of name changes later, PNC become Pittsburgh National Corporation and was shortened to ...
The PNC in PNC Bank stands for both Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation. The two companies merged in 1982 to form PNC Bank. ...
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