NPN and PNP Difference in Transistors?


PNP stands for Positive Negative Positive and the NPN stands for Negative Positive Negative transistors. The PNP and NPN are the two types of standard transistors.
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A transistor is a three-terminal device consisting of 3 layers of semiconductor material. Two of them are one type of semiconductor and the third, a different type. For example, a
All transistors are made from a semiconductor material. Certain chemical elements - such as germanium and silicon - are poor conductors of electrical current on their own. If the
When you want multiple stages of amplification, for example, you take the output of one transistor and use it to control another. By having both PNP and NPN you can sort of chain
NPN and PNP transistors function in essentially the same
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Transistors are small devises used in a number of gadgets as switches or amplifiers. Two kinds of transistors exist ; NPN (negative-positive-negative) and PNP ...
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