What Does Poke Mean on Facebook?


By poking someone on facebook, you have sent the person a reminder that you have thought of them. It can also act as hello. When a person is sent a poke on facebook, they get a message on the home page that he or she has been poked.
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What Does Poke Mean on Facebook?
On a long car trip, if the dialogue turns physical, you know that kids poke and jab at each other as a way to tease, flirt, annoy or otherwise say, "Pay attention to me" or "Don't forget I'm here." The social-networking site Facebook has a virtual "poke"... More »
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Poking someone on Facebook is a way of interacting with him/her as a poke is meant to get someone's attention. Poking may also be a quick way of saying hello while ...
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On Facebook, Myspace and mobile text messages alike, FML is an abbreviation used when someone is generally sad or upset. FML stands for 'F*ck my life'. ...
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