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Poly is the informal short form for polytechnic, which refers to an institution of higher learning that mainly offers vocational training. This word can also be used to refer to any garment that is made from polyester.
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Informal. polyester: a blend of poly and cotton.
a fabric or garment made of polyester.
made of or containing polyester: a poly swimsuit.
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Poly is a prefix meaning many. A common use for solely the prefix poly is in reference to polygamy (marriage of a man to multiple women) or polyamory (loving relationships with multiple people).
Poly means more than one or many. A good example of this is in the word polytheism. This is the belief in more than one God. The ancient Greeks and Romans practiced polytheism until Christianity.
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Polis was the organizational link of Greek religion. It was practiced by consensus in regions and those who came into the religious setting were treated as guests.
1. Cover your flat working surface with newspaper and place the poly foam on it. 2. Use masking tape to cover any parts of the foam that you do not want to paint or want to paint
An ancient Greek city-state.
1 Wash and boil the lentil with water and 1/2 tsp salt till it becomes soft.
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Polis is a Greek word which means city, citizenship or body of citizens. It originates from the ancient Greek city-states like Classical Athens. It also refers ...
Poly can have a lot of meaning. Used as a prefix in the field of mathematics, 'poly' means 'much,' 'many' or more than one. This is the reason why the term polymath ...
Poly is a combining form with the meaning much or many and polymeric in chemistry. It is used in the formation of compound words such as polyandrous and polyculture ...
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