What Is the Meaning of Prerequisite?


The word prerequisite means something that is required in advance. It also means required as a prior condition or course of study. Prerequisite is a synonym of qualification, imperative, requirement, condition, must, essential, and necessity
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[pri-rek-wuh-zit, pree-]
required beforehand: a prerequisite fund of knowledge.
something prerequisite: A visa is still a prerequisite for travel in many countries.
Source: Dictionary.com
The term prerequisite means that which is required in advance. In education, the term means that which is required as a prior condition or course of study. These are the minimum requirements for enrolling in a course.
The word prerequisite is an adjective that describes a quality of or being necessary as a prior condition. When used as a noun, the word prerequisite refers to something that is required prior to taking an advanced course in academics.
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