What Does PRN Mean?


PRN stands for Pro Re Nata, which means, as needed, as the situation may require or according to need. Physicians use PRN to indicate actions that may be take depending on the patient's or in writing prescriptions. PRN is an acronym that may stand for PR Newswire, Pseudo-Random Noise or Pain Relief Network.
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The term PRN is an acronym for "pro re nata, a Latin term meaning "when circumstances require" or "as needed. A PRN nurse is offered available shifts but is not
PRN: (in prescriptions) as the occasion arises; as needed. It can also mean, printer. Live long and ChaCha!
The term "PRN" is a shortened form of the Latin phrase. pro re nata. which translates roughly as "as the thing is needed" PRN, therefore, means a medication that
prn: according to need (physicians use PRN in writing prescriptions)
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The abbreviation Prn on a prescription means pro-renata or take as needed. It is used by physicians when prescribing medication that is not scheduled, and administration ...
PRN is an acronym for pro re nata. It means when circumstances require. A PRN position is whereby one is scheduled for several shifts in a certain period or when ...
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