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Probiotic is an adjective that denotes a substance which stimulates the growth of micro organisms. They became popular due to their health benefits for the immune system, digestive tract and overall health.
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Probiotics are microorganisms that mirror those found in your stomach. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, probiotics are "friendly bacteria
Probiotics are living bacteria that aid the body in digesting and with the production of vitamins within your digestive tract through a process of fermentation. Much the same way
1. Look for the following attributes in your acidophilus probiotics: Look at the dosage. Most doctors recommend a dose of 2 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) per day, if you are
Fermented foods. Make them in your home, they cost you almost nothing, and they provide you with awesome bacteria (the good kinds!). Embed Quote
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a usually dairy food or a dietary supplement containing live bacteria that replace or add to the beneficial bacteria normally present in the gastrointestinal tract.
a bacterium in such a food or dietary supplement.
noting or pertaining to a probiotic: a probiotic yogurt drink.
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