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A province is a geographically defined area with a characteristic set of species. It is generally a part of a country or the proper sphere of ones activities. In most countries, it is a territorial unit of subdivision.
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an administrative division or unit of a country.
a country, territory, district, or region.
a department or branch of learning or activity: the province of mathematics.
sphere or field of activity or authority, as of a person; office, function, or business: Such decisions do not lie within his province.
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A province can be the part of the country that is away from the capital city or larger cities. It can be one of many parts of the county.
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Province describes a political or geographic area smaller than nation, but larger than district or city. A province is roughly equivalent to a state. For example: "I live in
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A province is a territory governed as an administrative or political unit of a country or empire. A good example is any of the ten principal political units of ...
Anbar means graineries. It is a western Iraq province. ...
Anbar means graineries. It is a western Iraq province. ...
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