What Does Ps Mean at the End of a Letter?


PS at the end of a letter means ''after writing''. It is a Latin phrase that is meant to indicate that the text marked with 'P.S.' initials was added after the other content had already been written.
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P.S stands for 'post script' from the latin word 'Post scriptum'. It means that there is something more you want to say that has not been mentioned in the letter. It could mean an afterthought or extra note.
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PS stands for a Latin phrase 'post scriptum,' which is used to mean 'after writing.' In English the word refers to postscript. It is mainly used to denote an extra ...
In a letter, PS is an abbreviation that is used to stand for 'post scriptum' which comes from a Latin phrase. In English it translates to postscript which means ...
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