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A pseudonym is a made-up name. You could say that it is a stage name for a band, actress, or actor. It can also be a made-up name for an author. Many actors use pseudonyms to keep their private lives private.
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a fictitious name used by an author to conceal his or her identity; pen name.
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A pseudonym is a fake name that people use. Pseudonyms are used to hide one's identity. Writers use pseudonym's all the time. Actor's have stage names, as do singers.
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1. Consider why you are using the alias or pseudonym. Why the alias or pseudonym is being used is important. One reason is because the level of change needed for an alias or pseudonym
adjective Being fictitious and not real, as a name: assumed, made-up. See true/false.
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The word pseudonym means false or ficticious name. It is a name used by a person or group to identify them when they might not want to be known by their real ...
The name alias also known as a pseudonym is a fictitious name used by a person to hide their identity. ...
The term sobriquet refers a name used as a pseudonym assumed as a disguise but normally given as nickname. It is must be more familiar to give room for use in ...
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